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About EncansFNP.ca:

EncanFNP.ca is a website designed to report surplus inventory of non-public property belonging to the Second Division of Canada for possible auctioning.

You will find on this site the list of the non-public properties (NPP) put on sale. This sale will take place through a silent auction.

Before continuing make sure you read and understand the terms of use.


What is a silent auction?

A silent auction is an auction where the offer made by potential buyers is secret.

On the day said, the auction is open and the item for sale goes to the highest bidder. In case of a tie the buyers will be contacted to be offered a chance to increase their offer.


How to participate?

Joining EncanFNP.ca is very simple. Simply: 

  1. Create a user account (Free);
  2. Consult the various sales in progress;
  3. Make a bid on your favorite items;
  4. If you win, proceed to the payment according to the pre-established mode of payment and recover your Item.

Pay special attention to the place of sales as you are responsible for going to pick up your goods / lots at the place specified in the sale.

Payment is made at the time of collection of the lot, directly from the seller


How to bet?

To bet you must:

  1. Register on your user account;
  2. Choose the item and / or lot for which you wish to issue a bet;
  3. Complete your wagering coupon;
  4. Submit your bet;
  5. Once your offer has been submitted, consult your customer area in order to get a list of your bets.


Customer Area?

By creating an account on EnCANFNP.ca you will have a client area allowing you to:

  • Update your personal information;
  • Change your password;
  • View the list of bets made;
  • Change your bets.

Winner's Choice

When the auction is over, the person who offered the highest bet will be contacted so that they can pick up his / her prize / lot.

In the event of a tie, buyers will be contacted to be offered a chance to increase their offer.

If it is not possible to reach the highest bidder within 7 days of the auction deadline, the second highest bidder will be contacted and so on.

Good auction!